Construction Management

The work of the execution director is one of the keys to the successful completion of the works. Among its functions are to perform the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and quality control of the building.

The tasks of this service include:

– Verification and signing of the act of rethinking the work
– Monitoring and supervision of the execution of the work
– Carrying out the quality control plan
– Monitoring quality control
– Attendance at all work meetings
– Verification of monthly certifications

Works management

In project management services, DALMAU-MORROS TÈCNICS offers its customers a system of management and technical control of the entire definition process and construction of their projects, from the idea to the implementation

Through a multidisciplinary team led by a project manager with extensive experience,
monitoring compliance with the technical and functional requirements of the projects, the planned deadlines and the estimated costs.

– Construction management
– Integrated project management
– Facility management
– Management control
– Technical audits
– Consulting
– Planning

Health and security

At DALMAU- MORROS TÈCNICS we understand that the correct fulfillment of safety and health at the works is one of the basic points within the construction sector.

The main jobs are:

– Writing a health and safety study
– Review and approval of the contractors’ health and safety plan
– Weekly verification of the implementation of safety and health measures for contractors
– Completion of the incident book
– Carrying out the report on health and safety
– Study of the impact on safety and health of changes in the project


At DALMAU-MORROS TÈCNICS we do other work of our own
of a building engineering, such as:

– Status of measurements
– Economic estimates
– Feasibility studies
– Works projects